Pincel de maquiagem profissional 7 peças Pincel de maquiagem profissional

R$ 59,90
R$ 59,90
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12 The ShaderMaterial:Goat hairHair length:14mmHandle length:159mmThis makeup must-have brush makes blending any product easy! Its classic,rounded, super-soft tip ensures the ultimate blend is achieved every time.

14 Domed BlenderMaterial:Horse hairHair length:13mmHandle length:161mmMix and blend your shades for a flawless custom look using this soft, round horse hair brush to apply, buff and diffuse harsh lines

17 Cream BrushMaterial:Weasel + SyntheticHair length:14mmHandle length:158mmCan be used with liquid or creamy product,it always deposits the right amount ofmakeup to your face, whether you need light or heavy coverage.

19 Small BlenderMaterial:Goat hairHair length:10mmHandle length:158mmA versatile makeup brush for use on eyes and brows.Featuring a small domed head made of tapered goat hair bristles, it's the ideal brush for achieving a precise, even application.

20 Small ShaderMaterial:Pony hairHair length:9mmHandle length:158mmA small, tapered brush with horse hair for creating precise eye looks along the lash and water line.

23 Eyelid BrushMaterial:Weasel+ SyntheticHair length:6mmHandle length:158mmAchieve ultimate control when applying precise amounts of color, thanks to the supple, tightly packed bristles

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